Citrix puts pressure on customers and partners with Universal Subscription

Citrix customers in the Cloud Software Group received a message on February 22 about the new Citrix Universal Subscription, which will replace the previous hybrid licenses. Previously, Citrix informed its customers in a somewhat more reserved manner that telemetry data from the Citrix license server would be used in the future. This will require an update to the license server. Citrix has been pursuing this strategy for several years since private equity investors got into the company and the merger with Tibco. Citrix is now part of the Cloud Software Group as a result.

What does the new licensing model mean for Citrix customers?

Citrix’s new licensing model is a rental model, meaning customers must pay monthly or annually for Citrix usage. All licenses run through Citrix’s license server, meaning customers depend directly on Citrix. Increasing costs for the Citrix landscape cannot be ruled out.

What does the new licensing model mean for Citrix partners?

As a partner, you stand between Citrix and your customers. With the new licensing model, you are dependent on Citrix and have to accept all changes from Citrix and support them as best as possible at the customer site. It may also be that customers will switch directly to Citrix to simply get support directly from Citrix. Especially partners who cannot offer support themselves are thus put under quite a bit of pressure by Citrix’s tight schedule.

What can Citrix customers do?

For Citrix customers, we have identified three options for you:

  1. You opt for the Citrix rental model. Here, rising costs are currently to be expected.
  2. You cancel your Citrix support. This option bears a risk for the operational stability of your Citrix landscape, as it can fail unexpectedly. Likewise, this carries the risk of security vulnerabilities such as the end of 2022 not being closed.
  3. You choose third-party support for the existing Citrix landscape. You are welcome to turn to us for this. Our experts will take full care of the support for your existing Citrix landscape.

What can Citrix partners do?

For Citrix partners, we have also identified three options.

  1. You accept the new licensing model and become dependent on Citrix. Customers will certainly continue to need your support, but they may also migrate to Citrix.
  2. You carry out the complete Citrix support yourself and make yourself independent of Citrix.
  3. Even if they cannot offer such Citrix support themselves, you do not have to become dependent. We will gladly take over the support for you and help you look after your Citrix customers.

You do not have to decide immediately

If you are working with third-party support or have us support you, you do not have to make a decision now. Your system will continue to run as usual and will continue to be supported. In the meantime, you can take your time to look for alternatives, stay with LemoniaX, or go with Universal Subscription after all.

Our tips therefore to all customers and partners:

  • Keep calm first
  • Do not make any hasty orders
  • Talk to us instead

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