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“Starting today, companies can choose who supports them with Citrix® on-prem products,” says Thorsten Schmiady, Chief Executive Officer of LemoniaX.

A decision with opportunity and consequences
Citrix® has recently been focusing on cloud services. This is unsettling many companies in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. They face three challenges: Service provider contracts for existing OnPremise solutions are becoming significantly more expensive, an alternative move to the cloud exceeds IT budgets or is a gray area from the legal perspective. On the other hand, terminating all Citrix® contracts appears to be an incalculable threat.

LemoniaX – the alternative
LemoniaX offers companies facing this dilemma a valid alternative. Third-Party Support. With a team of highly qualified Global Citrix® Experts, who offer customer-oriented and first-class support at fair prices, LemoniaX will disrupt the IT market. In addition, update and fix cycles will be eliminated when choosing LemoinaX. This means that the existing Citrix® environment remains stable.

A proven model
Third-party system maintenance is a proven support-model that is already used very successfully for software from vendors such as IBM, Oracle or SAP. This means that the company purchases licenses from the manufacturer, but receives the necessary support from expert third-party providers. LemoniaX takes this approach and applies it to the Citrix® world.

“The third-party support model has always fascinated me because everyone brings to the table what they do best. Great IT applications with world-class service. During a conference, I realized that this model didn’t exist for Citrix®. I founded one of the fastest growing Citrix® partners in Germany and built the world’s largest customer for Citrix®. It is a matter close to my heart that our customers can continue to use Citrix® as usual and at an affordable price. Additionally, we balance all the risks that would come with regular upgrades and any bug fixes for our LemoniaX customers,” reports Thorsten Schmiady.

Together with an international team that includes consultants such as Mark Templeton, the former CEO of Citrix® or the experienced expert Dr. Bernhard Tritsch as CTO, the company stands by those Citrix® users who want to continue their IT future securely and affordably as they have been used to for many years.