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Take Control of Your IT Future

With Citrix® moving their focus and support to cloud-based solutions, your business faces a difficult decision with severe financial implications.

Should you stay with Citrix®, bite the bullet and move to the cloud

Or just terminate your contract hoping that things will stay stable for just a few more years

The Aquisition of VMware led to massive changes in the way how customers are treated.

Should you stay with VMware®, accept a steep increase in cost and loose the choice for the products you need?

Loose the access to your bought perpertual licenses and be in constant dependency for every change?

What if, there is a third option?

One that


allows you to stay with your current infrastructure BUT provides tailored support


buys you time AND saves you money so you can make decisions that suit you and your business


supports you as much or as little as you need at low cost but with high effect

Third-Party Support

We provide

Superior Service Experience

We offer you first-class support for your Citrix® and VMware® landscape.

Proven Results

The Third-Party Software Support model is known and proven in the market. It is working well with systems such as IBM, SAP, Microsoft and others. We apply the same principles to Citrix® and VMware®.

One Partner Build to Scale

We help create opportunities to reduce your IT costs, modernize your IT landscape, and thus free up financial resources necessary for enhanced digital transformation.

This is what our clients say:

For the support of our Citrix environment, Citrix now charges fantasy prices. Our solution: LemoniaX. In addition to first-class service at a fair price, we also receive important market insights and access to a unique network of experts. We have been working successfully and trustfully with the people behind LemoniaX for years. This means that we are perfectly positioned in every respect: security, performance and availability. As CIO, I can take care of my business instead of wasting unplanned budget and resources on fixes, updates and regression testing.

Romain Weigand

CIO, reiff medien Gruppe

Why LemoniaX?

Our Expertise

Your strong partner for third-party maintenance in VMware® and Citrix®

LemoniaX‘s Leadership Team

Thorsten Schmiady - CEO Chief Executive Officer

Thorsten Schmiady

Chief Executive Officer
Mark B. Templeton - Former Citrix® CEO

Mark B. Templeton

Former CEO Citrix Systems Inc®, former Equifax® board member, former CEO of DigitalOcean®, member of LemoniaX Advisory Board
Annette Hamann

Annette Hamann

Chief Information Officer & Managing Director of BSS IT at Beiersdorf®, member of LemoniaX Advisory Board
 Holger Temme

Holger Temme

Former CEO Ververica, Founder and former CEO Immerok, member of LemoniaX Advisory Board


Your strong partner for third-party maintenance in Citrix®

What products do you support?

We support Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (aka VAD, aka Citrix XenApp / Citrix XenDesktop).

For the VMware portfolio, we support the SDDC itself – if you have a specific question about one of the products let’s have a chat!

What versions do you support?

We support all versions, up-to-date and also legacy versions! We can support older versions if necessary. Get in touch to see if we can support your software version!

Will I lose access to my software licences?

When entering into an agreement with Citrix® or VMware®, you likely bought licenses that are yours to use for as long as you would like. Once your contract expires, you still have the right to use all licenses and upgrades that occurred during the contract term. The only thing that changes is that the vendor will cease their support efforts. In addition, you are not eligible for future upgrades.

The same principle applies to VMware® as well.

Can I go back to Citrix® or VMware® in the future?

Absolutely, you can return to the vendor in the future.  Among other things, it allows you to determine and strengthen your own negotiating position.

How established is Third Party Software Support in the market?

Many larger organizations have outsourced IT support to 3ʳᵈ Party Support Providers or Integrators as they are often referred to. Particularly for systems like IBM®, SAP®, Oracle®, Microsoft® and others this is very common.  LemoniaX is merely using a known and very successful approach to software maintenance and applies this experience to Citrix® & VMware®.

What can I expect when working with LemoniaX?

When working with LemoniaX, you can expect a more personal, pragmatic support at a much higher level. Our specialists focus either on Citrix® or VMware® and have developed profound Know-How not only of the system, but will know you, your needs and preferences to ensure, first-class support is provided at any time.


Case Studies & Research

Market Guide for Independent Third-Party Support for IBM®, Microsoft®, Oracle® and SAP® Software

CIOs Embrace Third-Party Software Maintenance Benefits: A Forrester® Consulting study

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