Citrix puts pressure on customers

Since March 5, only the Citrix Universal Subscription will be available – as of March 31, the license server will deliver data to Citrix.

This poses problems for companies and partners.

LemoniaX informs and helps immediately.

On February 22, Citrix customers of the Cloud Software Group received a message informing them about the new Citrix Universal Subscription. Already one week before Citrix informed its customers a bit more reserved about the fact that in the future telemetry data of the license server will be used by Citrix. This requires an update of the license server and in the future it must also be kept up to date.

This confirms the strategy that Citrix has been pursuing for several years now, ever since private equity investors entered the company. Since the acquisition and merger with Tipco to form the Cloud Software Group on September 30, 2022, more and more activities are now being implemented to push customers into a “lock-in” and then increase revenue on the backs of existing customers.

What is the problem for Citrix partners?

As a partner, you will become significantly dependent on Citrix’s new licensing model. Your role will be limited to serving as a mediator between Citrix and its customers, obligating you to accept any changes made by Citrix and provide the best possible support to your clients. Citrix will be taking the lead while you respond to their initiatives. Additionally, it is likely that many customers will switch directly to Citrix, given that they would already be purchasing the software directly from them. In such cases, it may make more sense for customers to purchase support services directly from Citrix.

Under the current timeline, Citrix is imposing significant pressure on its partners to provide support for customers following the transition to Universal Subscription, particularly in cases where partners are unable to offer such support themselves.

We recommend to all Citrix partners:

Keep calm for now and don't let yourself be rushed.

Do not make hasty orders that lead you to a dead end.

Find out about independent alternatives and talk to us!

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